• Abandoned outside our apartment.

    Abandoned Babies of Brno

    Ok, they’re not really abandoned, but it sure seems that way at times. As I mentioned in my last blog, parents here in Czech Republic seem to have absolutely no problem leaving…

  • Cleveland in the 80s

    Cleveland in the ’80s

    Since moving to Brno, we’ve fallen into the habit of naming places by what they remind us of, because initially (and for me often still) we had a hard time pronouncing, much less…

  • The Crew

    RB 2015—this boat can’t even…

    Another Bourgogne barge vacation in the bag! Instead of waiting for a wave of literary inspiration and flowery thoughts to wash over me about the trip, which is not likely to happen soon, I’m…

  • Summer Festival Nametags
    Harp, YAHS

    Sun, Fun, and Done!

    Eight weeks, three states (not counting the travel in between), one transatlantic crossing—and this has potentially been the longest summer of my life, and it’s still only the first week of August. This…

  • Hanging out with my 2015 apprentices! (L. to r.: Kimberly Rowe, Peggy Houng, Rebekah Efthimiou, Allison Janney.)

    NMF 2015 Recap

    It’s been a week since our final concert at the National Music Festival, in Chestertown, Md., and that’s about how long it’s taken for the catchy strains of Mahler’s 3rd Symphony (performed…

  • Where is Brno?

    Where in the World is Brno?

    Back in the U.S. for a short visit, one of the first questions I’m inevitably asked is, “So, how is Prague?” Despite having told people again and again that we live in Brno,…

  • Brass Quintet in Brno

    A Lot of Brass

    Our apartment in the city center can be quite noisy at times. But sometimes the noise brings an unexpected surprise. Last Sunday we were lured out of our morning routine by the…

  • Piklz explores her new apartment, with window ledges everywhere.

    Piklz Goes to Brno

    This is the blog where I describe the ridiculousness of taking your pet to a foreign country. (In this case, our cat Piklz and our move from Philadelphia to Brno, Czech Republic.) First,…

  • The first theater with electric lights, right in Brno!

    Snow in Brno

    Recently returned from a snowy trip to Brno, Czech Republic, where we settled on a lovely 5th-floor apartment right in the center of town. Move-in date is April 1! While there we…